August 06, 2023

From London to the World: The Rise of Trapstar in Streetwear


Founded in London in 2005 by three creative friends, Mikey, Lee, and Will, Trapstar has become one of the most prominent streetwear brands globally. What began as a small label designing t-shirts for themselves and friends swiftly demonstrated its strength and ingenuity, propelling it confidently towards international recognition.

The Core Identity of Trapstar:

Independence and distinction are at the core of Trapstar's identity. The brand's bold and unique designs aim to showcase individual personality and encourage wearers to express themselves in daring and innovative ways. Its product range includes t-shirts, hoodies, pants, caps, and jackets, providing diverse options to suit all streetwear enthusiasts' tastes.

Trapstar Popularity Amongst Celebrities:

Trapstar enjoys immense popularity in the music and art scenes, with many international stars and celebrities proudly donning its products. It transforms the essence of youth and underground music into captivating pieces that embody the rebellious ethos of street culture.

Collaborations and Acclaim:

What truly sets Trapstar apart is its ability to collaborate with talented British rap artists such as Central Cee and Dave, in addition to forging powerful partnerships with music icons and global brands. From designing exclusive merchandise for Rihanna and Eminem's "Monster" tour to striking collaborations with esteemed names like Selfridges and the Hitman video game series, these partnerships showcase the brand's artistic prowess and garner worldwide acclaim.

Unique Style and Aesthetic:

Trapstar distinguishes itself from other streetwear brands with its specific style and aesthetic. The logo draws concept from numerous sources, together with avenue lifestyle, tune, and art, to create designs which can be bold and edgy. Its signature red and white logo, mainly, has become a symbol of the logo's rebellious spirit and unconventional style.


Trapstar's incredible journey, from being an underground streetwear sensation to becoming a global style icon, beautifully exemplifies the power of innovative design, collaborative spirit, and a strong commitment to ethical fashion practices. Their dedication to sustainability and ethics is a significant stride towards a more eco-conscious and responsible fashion industry. With their unique style and unwavering commitment to ethical values, Trapstar is all set to continue leaving an indelible mark on the fashion world and inspiring fashion enthusiasts across the globe.