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Trapstar Irongate T Shellsuit - Grey/Cashmere Blue/White

Trapstar Irongate T Shellsuit - Grey/Cashmere Blue/White

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Trapstar Irongate Shellsuit Grey

This luxurious Trapstar Irongate T Shellsuit is a cozy and stylish choice for everyday wear. 

why trapstar irongate tracksuit?

This Shell Zip Tracksuit has a trendy look and is made of 100% Nylon that offers comfort and durability. Featuring an exclusive Irongate T logos appear on the chest and left thigh to give it a fashionable appearance. Washing will never be an issue with our machine wash cold care guarantee. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this Tracksuit now!

features of irongate trapstar 

- Shell Zip Tracksuit 

- 100% Nylon

- Panel Tracksuit

- Irongate T logo on chest

- Irongate T logo on left thigh

- Machine wash cold

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